Photographer as vocation, portraitist by passion, my artistic motto is "The eyes are the window of the soul" and so my works are a tribute to human beauty in all its forms.

First of all let me tell you that photography is my oldest hobby. Yes...a hobby, not a profession. Why only a hobby? Because I love my job and I don't think of moving on to a new one and also, keeping it as hobby I can shoot what, when and where I want without having deadlines or having a boss that puts pressure on me... In other words I'm free to use my imagination and creativity in all my work.

Because I love the freedom, I am an active advocate of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) movement, Free Software Foundation (OSF) and particularly of the Linux operating system.

I was born in Bucharest (Romania). Bucharest is also the town where I live and work.

Other favorite words are: Gnothi seauton! (latin: Nosce te ipsum, english: know thyself)

And a new information, I decided that all of my photographs will be freely available to any auctions, actions or any other charity events. Obviously, it does not mean that my work should be used without my agreement. :)